Energy and resource usage

Every day, Bravida’s employees provide installation and service of new, energy-efficient technology in our customers’ properties and facilities. Our aim is to be an industry leader on energy and the environment. This imposes high standards for our customer offering and our efforts regarding our own environmental impact.

We can make a difference

We endeavour to strengthen our expertise and increase customers’ awareness of how we can create energy- and resource-efficient solutions. Bravida has significant opportunities in its service business to optimise customers’ properties and facilities in terms of energy efficiency. Important areas include energy audits, energy-efficient pumps and HVAC, as well as continuing the transition to LED lighting and increased lighting control.

Reduced environmental impact in our installations

Choosing environmentally evaluated products enables greater control of energy and environmental performance. Bravida works with suppliers and assessment systems to make it easier to access information about environmentally evaluated products. This facilitates the choice of energy-efficient and environmentally superior installations.

Our own environmental impact

Bravida’s own environmental impact comes from travel, transportation and waste. The Group has over 6,000 leased vehicles, which creates both dependency on fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Our most important goal in this area is therefore to reduce fuel-related CO2 emissions per kilometre by a minimum of 3 percent annually. Measures range from central to individual level, and include reducing mileage, modifying or replacing vehicles and fuel-efficient driving.

At Bravida we conduct operations in accordance with national laws, requirements and regulations. Our management system and our groupwide working methods are designed to reduce the risk of pollution or other detriment to human health or the environment. Bravida’s operations are not subject to notification or licence requirements for environmentally hazardous activities.