Our strategies and business model


How we generate profitable growth

Bravida’s objective is to be the largest or second-largest player in all the locations where we choose to operate. We aim to grow both organically and via acquisitions in our various key geographical markets. To ensure long-term stable growth, we are increasing our focus on service and proactive sales.

How we create financial stability

Maintaining good financial stability is essential to Bravida. Margin always takes precedence over volume in our operations, cost-effectiveness is a cornerstone of our business and we continually endeavour to maintain stable cash flow. 

How we create a sustainable company

Bravida aims to operate a responsible business and manage its own and others’ resources efficiently. We take focused measures to achieve clear results in our sustainability work. 

Our business model

How we organise our business

Combining installation and service

By combining installation and service, Bravida is able to operate throughout the lifecycle of a property. This ensures a long-term solution for the customer. The combination of installation and service operations creates more stable business for Bravida over time.

Breath, depth and coordination

Bravida’s breadth and depth give customers access to a comprehensive installation and service offering in electrical, heating & plumbing, HVAC and specialist areas.

Size and proximity

With a local presence in about 140 locations in the Nordics, Bravida is always close to its customers. Our size and expertise also give us the capacity to perform large and complex projects without geographical limitations.


How we perform our business

High and consistent quality

By applying uniform working processes and project methodology, Bravida can ensure high and consistent quality in all its deliveries.


Strong cost-awareness throughout the delivery process gives us competitive strength.


Through proactivity we create long-term solutions for customers and the environment. We work preventively by performing regular service and taking action at an early stage.

Coordinated purchasing

A strong purchasing organisation provides a competitive range of materials, components and services from subcontractors, through common systems and coordinated purchases.