Bravida says stop

We at Bravida work in a high-risk industry. No one wants to get injured, but it still happens. We want to change that.

Every day, Bravida’s fitters and technicians are out working on our customers’ sites. We often come up against a high tempo, multiple operators and hazardous environments. Near-accidents and accidents happen almost every day. Most of them aren’t serious. 

But suddenly it happens. What everyone’s children, partners, brothers and sisters and colleagues try not to think about.


Partnership a key requirement

The number of accidents is still too high. We want to change that. We want everyone at the workplace - both our own employees and colleagues from other companies - to get home uninjured. But, as a sub-contractor, we don’t always have control ourselves over the work environment.

So how can Bravida help to reduce the number of accidents? A key requirement is to maintain dialogue at all times with the other operators at the workplace. If we have the courage to highlight risks and to say stop, we can together bring down the number of accidents. It’s also why we signed up to the ‘Håll Nollan’ (Zero Accidents) initiative and joined the ‘Samverkan för noll olyckor i byggbranschen’ organisation.

Safety is something we have with us

At the same time, here at Bravida we keep a close focus on creating a strong safety culture. This safety culture is the best way we have of avoiding the unspeakable, what everyone fears. Everyone must have it with them. All the time, every day.

The key part of our safety culture is that we have to look after each other. Anyone who discovers a risk has a responsibility to act - whatever the risk is. Before every task, we must always stop and think, and of course we must follow our safety procedures

We stand behind our employees

But sometimes that isn’t enough. On some occasions, it may not feel right when you’re about to start off, even after assessing risks and using the right safety equipment. It may be a messy workplace, unclear allocation of responsibilities or inadequate safety arrangements. Or just a poor atmosphere. Whatever it is, take it seriously. 

Then we say stop

When we come across a work environment problem, we always try to solve it with our client. Mostly, that works. 

But if we can’t guarantee that it is safe for our employees to carry out the task, we say stop. In a few individual cases, we’ve been forced to put out foot down. We don’t do so lightheartedly, but we do it. 

Because no deadline is more important than our employees’ safety.