Bravida's work environment week

Work environment and safety are critical to our work - every day, all year round. One week a year, we focus extra closely on these issues. In 2019, Bravida’s work environment week is 9-13 September.

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The week involves all employees and provides scope for activities and discussions relating to health and safety. The aim is to build up a knowledge resource that we can draw on all year round.

“Everyone at Bravida has a collective responsibility to contribute to a safe and pleasant workplace. That’s why it’s important for everyone to get involved – fitters, technicians, managers and other office-based staff. Health and Safety Week gives us a great opportunity to shine a light on this issue and the fact that health and safety is one of our most important areas, something we need to work on every day, all year round,” says Anna Bergström, Health and Safety Manager, Bravida Sweden.

Theme 2019: Our workplace is what we make it. If you see a risk, take action!

At Bravida our vision is to eliminate workplace injuries entirely. Our aim is by 2020 to halve the number of accidents compared with 2017. 

Rules, procedures and requirements aren’t enough to achieve our health and safety goals. So, the next step is to create a culture in which we show consideration for each other. We do this by having the courage to speak up if we see someone working unsafely.

During the work environment week, we focus extra closely on these issues. The main theme of this year’s work environment week is having the courage to say stop. If you see a risk - regardless of whether it affect you yourself or a colleague - you must always act. Our workplace is what we make it.

Working together for a safer industry

During our annual work environment week, we want to get our customers and partners involved. That’s because we believe that we’ve got much to learn from each other. By pooling our knowledge, we hope we can create a better and safer industry, for everyone.