Safety at Bravida

Safety awareness is something that every Bravida employee takes with them on every job. Many accidents can be avoided through a few basic steps.

We coordinate with customers and sub-contractors

Safety in Bravida Read the leaflet about how we focus on safety at Bravida

Many high-risk situations and accidents are related to the fact that multiple contractors are operating in the same workplace.

Coordination with customers and suppliers is a prerequisite for safe and pleasant workplaces. In addition to our own safety rules, we must always follow the rules that apply at the workplace.

Right personal protective equipment

Every employee must, in consultation with his or her manager, ensure that he or she has the right personal protective equipment. 

We use the STOP approach before every task

The STOP approach Stop and take a moment to think! STOP is Bravida’s method of fast risk assessment.

Many accidents can be prevented if we just use our head. That’s why our principle is always to stop and take a moment to think before starting a task, however minor.

To help us in this, we use Bravida’s STOP approach. 

If any risk is present: Written risk assessment

Any employee who through the STOP approach comes across anything that may pose a risk must always carry out a written risk assessment in consultation with his or her work team. Bravida has clear checklists in place for this process. If a risk is identified, the necessary safety precautions must be taken before work on the task starts.

Structured risk management

Bravida focuses on preventing and eliminating injuries. Our risk management system, BIA, provides employees with a simple process for reporting, for example, risk observations, near-accidents and accidents via a mobile app. The system enables us to analyse, in a structured way, the risks present in our activities. As a result, we can take targeted measures that improve the work environment.

If we can’t work safely, we say stop

If working doesn’t feel safe - despite coordination, the right protective equipment, risk assessment and precautions - our employees have clear instructions to stop working and tell their manager. In turn, the manager must take action and in necessary contact to client to engage in dialogue.

If we can’t guarantee to our employees that it is safe to perform the task, we say stop. No deadline is more important than our employees’ safety.