The STOP approach

At Bravida, our principle is to stop and take a moment to think before starting a task. To help us in this, we use the STOP approach.

Stopping and taking a moment to think - that saves lives. At Bravida, we use the STOP approach, which every employee must go through before starting any task, however minor. 

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S - Stop - Take your time, pause before starting your task

T - Think for a moment about how you will perform the task

O - Observe the risks

P - Plan your work. Do you have the right safety equipment? Do you have all the risks under control? 

Start the task. If you are sure that you can work safely you can start work. 

If working doesn’t feel safe - despite coordination, the right protective equipment, risk assessment and precautions - our employees have clear instructions to stop working and tell their manager. In turn, the manager must take action and in necessary contact to client to engage in dialogue.