Becoming a supplier to Bravida

To become a supplier to Bravida, a company first needs to undergo a three-stage supplier assessment.

In stage 1, Bravida checks that your company meets Bravida’s basic legal and financial requirements. 

In stage 2, your company is sent a supplier survey asking for information and documentation substantiating your company’s work in:

  • implementing and following up on Bravida’s code of conduct within the company and with your suppliers.
  • Work environment, health and safety
  • Environment
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption
  • Quality

In stage 3, your company’s products or services are assessed based on points such as functionality, quality, the environment, price and installation.

If your company meets Bravida’s requirements, it is added to Bravida’s purchasing system so that our branches can then order from you.

For further information and to apply, please contact:
Subcontractors and staff agencies:
Materials suppliers: