Nordic Trainee Program - career development

Nordic Trainee Program (NTP) is Bravida’s development programme for employees who are at the start of their careers. The programme lasts for a year and is a good platform for employees continuing to grow in their roles and within Bravida. Rebecca Sundberg tells us about her participation in the program.


Hi Rebecca, how has your journey with Bravida been? 

"I started in September 2021 as a KMA/Contracting Engineer in the ventilation department in Södertälje, and within a year I was able to develop that role into a business developer/KMA engineer for Region Mechanical."

What has been most valuable to you during your year on Bravida's trainee program?

"There have been many rewarding meetings, but mainly I think that the new contact network that has been created has been very valuable. During the various training opportunities we had to attend, it also led to a greater knowledge of sales techniques, leadership, negotiation techniques and the Bravida Way, among other things. Something that I have been able to implement in my daily work and which I also see as an advantage to have with me, if I take on a larger leadership role in the future."

"During the program we did group work where we had to develop an idea that Bravida will be able to implement in its systems in the future. This was extensive group work and incredibly educational for me. It was a lot of fun to have the opportunity to be involved and possibly contribute to the development of Bravida's sustainability work, despite the fact that I am new to the company."

What does a working day look like for you?

"No one day is like another. One day I sit at Slussen with KMA questions and make sure that we follow the requirements we have and deliver work to the right quality. On the second day, for example, I am involved in running a pilot of one of our new digital initiatives."

"It is a varied job, but a lot of focus is currently on business development for Region Mechanical, Stockholm."

How do you see your future within Bravida?

"I will definitely stay at Bravida for a number of years to come. I continue to see opportunities for development and to shoulder other roles within the company and that it is really only me who can put an end to how far I want. You are seen for what you do and with that you also get opportunities to be involved in several different projects, both in production and internal initiatives that Bravida has invested in to develop as a company."

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