‘BraIngenjör’ career development programme

Casper Lindholm


BraIngenjör is Bravida’s development programme for employees who are at the start of their careers. The programme lasts for a year and is a good platform for employees continuing to grow in their roles and within Bravida.

Casper, you attended the ‘BraIngenjör’ programme in 2016. How did you get involved with it?

I’d previously worked as a consultant in Stockholm, including on the Slussen hub project in central Stockholm. But I wanted to focus on heating and plumbing and to also move back home to Gotland. I noticed that Bravida was looking for staff in Gotland’s capital Visby and attending the company’s BraIngenjör development programme was part of the position that I applied for. That was a big part of why I was attracted by the job. I got the job as Construction Engineer and have been working at Bravida since August 2015 and have completed the BraIngenjör programme.

What did you learn in your year on the BraIngenjör programme? 

I learnt a lot about Bravida as a company. We also learnt a lot about business in general, including sales. We also focused strongly on leadership, which I found the most interesting aspect. That’s going to be really useful in my job. And I also gained insight into what I’m like as a manager, what kind of management different people need and how the style of leadership can be adapted to this.

What did you find most useful during the year?

I think the core of the programme is really the network you gain. We were all young project managers or future managers from Bravida in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It was really enjoyable and useful to exchange experiences.  I’ve gained a network of people who I can call to get advice in the future. Everyone was really enthusiastic, which made for a successful programme.

How do you see your future at Bravida?

I enjoy working here, I have a great manager and nice colleagues. I’m currently officially a Construction Engineer, but I actually work as a project manager. My aim is to be a really good project manager. Then we’ll see what happens – above all, I want to work with interesting and complex projects.


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