Daniel Nagy


What does being an apprentice plumber involve?

As a plumber I install and repair piping for heating, water and sanitation systems. It’s a traditional profession that now also involves new technology. Computers are used a lot these days in heating and cooling systems. As well as learning the new technology, you need to be able to read technical drawings, have a creative approach to find the best solutions and of course have the skills to carry out the work.

How do you become a plumber?

I’m an apprentice pipe layer but I’ve worked at Bravida for eight years with sprinkler systems. I wanted to try something new and already working at Bravida gives me the opportunity without having to retrain from scratch. It’s one of many areas you can work in.

Why did you choose to work in the installation industry?

I chose the installation and construction industry because it interests me and it’s a good way into the sector if you want to get out of the classroom sooner and into the world of work. And the pay is good too!


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