With our sustainable GreenHub service concept, we service properties that are cultural heritage landmarks in Denmark

Old buildings with a high security clearance level can present many challenges In Denmark, Bravida has offered services to the Danish Building and Property Agency for almost two years – always in accordance with the GreenHub service concept.

– It’s a way to promote Bravida as a sustainable organisation, says operations coordinator Thorbjørn Findsen at Bravida.


When the Danish company Bravida launched its Facility Management department, the sails went up and it was full speed ahead. The first contract was signed with the Danish Building and Property Agency, which is responsible for a number of departments, courts and police stations, among other things. Instead of starting on a small scale and slowly expanding the business, they began by servicing 140 buildings throughout the entire country. More than 400 employees are involved in the project, which started up on 1 December 2021 and will last three years.

– The contract covers four business areas: air conditioning, ventilation, electric and heating, water and sanitation. As mentioned, we have a presence throughout the country, but many of our activities are centred around Slottsholmen in central Copenhagen, where many government departments are located, explains Mr Findsen.  

Specific requirements
Serving only departments, courts and similar buildings poses slightly special requirements on vendors. One reason is that many of the buildings are very old.

– Many of the departments on Slottholmsgade Road and the surrounding area in Copenhagen are cultural heritage sites. It’s obviously a trial and tribulation for our installers but a positive challenge. They think it’s exciting. Many of our installers come from other companies that have previously taken care of the building so they’re quite familiar with the places. The Danish Building and Property Agency has been very positive about it. They feel like they’re in good hands since our staff are so familiar with the buildings. 

The project has entailed a number of logistical issues, both due to the pandemic and the fact that several of the properties require security clearances.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything
Aside from being Bravida’s largest service contract in Denmark, the agreement with the Danish Building and Property Agency is also a trailblazer in another way: it’s based on the principle that everything must be done sustainably. Bravida’s GreenHub concept is the key and was an important reason why the Danish Building and Property Agency specifically chose Bravida.

– GreenHub is of course part of Bravida’s approach to putting sustainability at the top of the agenda. Our electric installers, for example, only ride bicycles. They have no cars. We’re waiting for the plumbers to get bikes. There’s a certain cultural barrier that has to be overcome here, but we’re confident that it will happen. It’s a way to lower CO2 consumption, and a way to promote Bravida as a sustainable organisation.

What is the most fun thing about this project?
– I think it’s a super interesting project. We’re helping with basic power structures in Denmark. And I think it’s awesome that we’re a company that imposes high sustainability standards. 

– It’s also exciting to participate and build a new department, Facility Management, with all the challenges that it entails. We’ve run into a few obstacles along the way, but we’ve persevered and grown stronger each day. 


FACTS / The Danish Building and Property Agency 
What: GreenHub service contract for the Danish Building and Property Agency 
Where: Buildings all across Denmark 
Bravida’s assignment: Air conditioning, ventilation, electric and heating, water and sanitation services. 
Schedule: The service contract was signed in 2021 and has a term of three years with an option for another three-year extension. 
Number of employees working on the project: Approx. 400 employees.