Bravida GreenHub Norway reduced Fagforbundet’s energy use

Bravida GreenHub is Bravida’s concept for service with a focus on sustainability and fossil-free provision. At Fagforbundet (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees) in Oslo, Bravida provides service on electric bikes, and has also helped significantly reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting in the building.

Bravida GreenHub Norway reduced Fagforbundet’s energy use
Fagforbundet, Norway’s largest trade union, owns an office building in the centre of Oslo, and conducts most of its activities there. Fagforbundet has been a customer of Bravida for the last five years, and since 2021 it has used GreenHub, Bravida’s concept for the provision of service using fossil-free transport in major Nordic cities.  
Bravida GreenHub brings together all Bravida’s competences  
The GreenHub offices are located in city centres and offer service within a 15-minute radius of them. Bravida's service technicians can thus travel to customers using electric bikes, electric mopeds and on foot. This reduces both Bravida's and its customers' climatefootprints, and means customers get help faster.  
Fagforbundet’s use of electricity for  lighting decreased by 75 percent  
Bravida GreenHub delivers service relating to all building technology to Fagforbundet, including regarding electricity, security and low voltage, and has a particular focus on saving energy. Sanel Hasecic, Head of Bravida GreenHub Oslo, explains: 
“When we at GreenHub took over the customer contract in 2021, Fagforbundet told us that its goal was to save energy in the building. The first thing we did was to replace old fluorescent tubes with new LED lighting and install sensors that switch off the lights if nobody is in the room.”  
“Overall, we helped Fagforbundet reduce its energy use for lighting by about 75 percent. In a building of this size, i.e. 8,000 square metres spread over 11 floors, this adds up to a lot of money every year.” 
A clear focus on sustainability  
Bravida has also installed charging points in the Fagforbundet’s car park, and is available when Fagforbundet requires service in the building. Hilde Vagle, Head of Internal Services at Fagforbundet, explains:  
“As a customer, we are very pleased with how well organised Bravida is, and how efficiently it carries out the work.The service technicians arrive on electric bikes, are very thorough and really make sure the job is done properly. There is also a clear focus on sustainability. A good example is during the installation of charging points in our garage, when a 25 metre long 250 mm2 cable that was already in the building was reused.” 
“Overall, my experience with Bravida is very positive. The staff are friendly, attentive and professional. We will continue to use Bravida and are happyto recommend the company to others who need multidisciplinary services,” says Hilde Vagle.